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Oh, Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia!

The beauty of a place is often what sets it apart from others when a person decides to settle in a different location. For its 238-square mile size, Saint Lucia certainly boasts an enviable and almost mythical charm to those fortunate enough to set foot on this beautiful island paradise. 

Pigeon Island National Park
Pigeon Island National Park

For many years, the tagline “Simply Beautiful” was used to market Saint Lucia as a tourism destination. That decision paid off beautifully, to the extent that when a new tagline was chosen a few years ago, many visitors and Saint Lucians alike just couldn’t see the island being anything less than simply beautiful.

As far as the island’s beautiful charm goes, the World Travel Awards named Saint Lucia as the “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” for the third consecutive year in 2020. It was the twelfth time the island had won the prestigious honour. Couples from across the globe just can’t get enough of this enchanting island!

Saint Lucia recently made the list of top ten beach destinations for wealthy investors, clearly maintaining its place among the best nations offering Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CIPs). Saint Lucia, Dominica, Mauritius, Ambergris Cay (Belize) and Isla Colon (Panama) tied for eighth place in the Nomad Beach Index 2021. 

In its Nomad Beach Index for 2021, Hong Kong-based consulting firm, Nomad Capitalist, listed the top beach destinations that appeal to high net-worth investors who not only wish to vacation, but also own part of the world’s sunniest destinations. This year’s index features a top ten ranking that includes 24 beach destinations globally.

Popular beach spots in Saint Lucia include Marigot Bay, Sandy Beach, Reduit Beach, Vigie Beach, Rudy John Beach, Sab Wisha Beach, Grande Anse Beach, and Pigeon Island Beach. Spoiler alert: the sunsets are beautiful and unforgettable! 

Saint Lucia’s many relaxing and breathtaking beaches have been huge attractions for locals and visitors alike, including for weddings and picnics. Whether kissed by the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea, these stretches of beautiful shoreline offer the perfect backdrop to unwind. Whatever beach you choose to soak up some Caribbean sunshine as you wade through the refreshing waters and catch a tan while lying on the comforting sand, be sure to walk with your sunscreen.

Three years ago, a survey of Saint Lucia’s major tourism source markets found that visitors to Saint Lucia are drawn to the island for three top reasons: the natural beauty of the island, the friendliness of the people, and the popular Dennery Segment music. Wherever you go in Saint Lucia, these three qualities about the island are present in copious amounts.

From its undulating topography of green landscape to its beaches, Saint Lucia’s idyllic beauty cannot be mistaken for another place on Earth. The island’s two major twin peaks, the Pitons, which rise from the floor of the Caribbean Sea in Soufriere on the west coast, are a beauty to behold! 

Other attractions include Mt. Gimie, Saint Lucia’s highest point; Pigeon Island National Landmark; Fort Rodney; Sulphur Springs Park; Diamond Estate Botanical Gardens; and Maria Islands. By the way, the Piton Management Area was declared a United Nations Heritage Site in 2004. 

Whether it’s the beautiful woman serving you homemade bread from a brick oven with a smile at Thomazo in Dennery, or the upbeat bartender on the Rodney Bay Strip whipping you up a smooth and tasty local cocktail, you’ll find that Saint Lucians have a knack for striking up friendly conversation.  

And then there’s Dennery Segment!

The popular Dennery Segment is a new sub-genre of soca music, with its infectious syncopated drum and bass, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and a fusion of English and French Creole lyrics. Since being adopted by Saint Lucian artistes a little over a decade ago, Dennery Segment has gone on to become a fan favourite across the globe.

Investing in Saint Lucia is another reason why you may want to choose Saint Lucia as a destination for a second citizenship. Through the national investment promotion agency, Invest Saint Lucia, investors are apprised about the various offerings available in real estate, manufacturing, agro-processing and tourism.  

As an investor via the Citizenship by Investment Programme, you will be given priority for speedy processing as the Government strives to promote ease of doing business so as to remain competitive as a destination. As such, expect quick turnaround times on applications. 

Since 2015, nearly 600 people from across the globe have become Saint Lucian nationals via the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. This trend is expected to continue as more and more people find not only the investment options in Saint Lucia, but also the beauty of the island.

If you’re an investor looking for a beautiful change of scenery, choosing Saint Lucia will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Now’s the best time to contact the team at McNamara Citizenship Services Inc., where we recognize the importance the Citizenship by Investment Programme plays in changing the lives of our clients for the better. We have literally guided people from across the globe seamlessly to becoming citizens of Saint Lucia. 

We can also do it for you!

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