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Residency or Citizenship by Investment? Here’s the 411.

Immigration programmes vary depending on the country and each of country has conditions and requirements that are different from the other. Some countries grant residency while others grant citizenship. If you still think that obtaining residency means the same as acquiring citizenship, think again. 

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Oh, Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia!

As far as the island’s beautiful charm goes, the World Travel Awards named Saint Lucia as the “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” for the third consecutive year in 2020. It was the twelfth time the island had won the prestigious honour. Couples from across the globe just can’t get enough of this enchanting island!

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How essential are citizenship by investment programmes?

Since 2015, hundreds of people from across the globe have earned a second citizenship in Saint Lucia via the country’s much-talked-about and attractive Citizenship by Investment Programme. The island’s Programme sets it apart from other regional competitors due to its uncompromising commitment to e highest standards of good governance and ensuring rigorous due diligence.

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Second Citizenship Crucial Amidst Uncertain Times

In a largely unpredictable world, one can never tell when the next disruption might occur. Which is why investing in a second citizenship becomes crucial. Moreover, being the holder of a second passport does not only offer the freedom of unrestrained travel, but also peace of mind.

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How investment migration is shaping economies

Globally, investment migration is a US$21.4 billion industry that helps to create jobs, protect countries vulnerable to the effects of climate change, boost infrastructure investments, widen social programmes, and redound in economic growth.

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