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Reasons Retirees Should Choose Saint Lucia

Before moving to Saint Lucia, there are some basic factors that retirees will definitely need to consider, including property prices, preferred lifestyle, and the amenities needed to make them feel at home in their new home.

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Why invest in Saint Lucia’s CIP?

In response to the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Saint Lucia has expressed its commitment to stimulating the economic by generating revenue inflows and improving efficiency in various ways. Here's why..

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Need a Saint Lucian passport? Here’s the hassle-free process.

Imagine obtaining a second citizenship in Saint Lucia by simply investing as low as US$100,000 via the Citizenship by Investment Programme. In fact, there are a few options by which you can obtain a second citizenship in Saint Lucia, namely by making a contribution to the State fund, purchasing real estate, purchasing bonds, or investing in a business.

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The positive influence of investors

With many people across the globe choosing to take up residence in countries where the socio-political climate and personal freedoms are more favourable, the demand for Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CIPs) has been growing exponentially.

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Residency or Citizenship by Investment? Here’s the 411.

Immigration programmes vary depending on the country and each of country has conditions and requirements that are different from the other. Some countries grant residency while others grant citizenship. If you still think that obtaining residency means the same as acquiring citizenship, think again. 

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