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Top 5 reasons to get a Saint Lucian passport

Since its outbreak in China in late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has become a major disruptor of lives and economies across the globe. For many people, the inability to travel due to partial or full lockdowns has created a greater need for freedom as the pandemic shows signs of subsiding.

Many people seeking the luxuries of secure freedom, enhanced business opportunities and a contingency plan against instability are considering having a second citizenship. Aside from the pandemic, globalization has increasingly demanded that entrepreneurs and professionals have a second passport that affords them ease of travel to more countries. 

A recent report by CS Global Partners, a UK-based legal advisory that specializes in providing citizenship and residency solutions, stated that there was a 42% spike in interest in citizenship by investment programmes from Americans compared to the previous year. 

A major factor for this increase was the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced many Americans to protect their nest egg and plan for the future, including seeking a second citizenship elsewhere since the U.S. passport has lost some of its power.

As one of the countries offering a Citizenship by Investment Programme within the Caribbean, Saint Lucia is among the destinations of choice for many people across the globe. With its affordable and attractive options by which to acquire citizenship, the country continues to reinvent its programmes to make it even more competitive. 

The Saint Lucia passport, which is valid for five years before being renewed, is ranked number 26 on the 2021 Passport Index. This high ranking translates to a mobility score that has been steadily increasing since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The top five reasons to get a Saint Lucian passport are as follows:

#1 Dual citizenship

Dual citizenship is recognized in Saint Lucia, therefore Saint Lucian citizens do not lose their citizenship when they gain citizenship in another country.

#2 Ease of travel

As the holder of a Saint Lucian passport, you will enjoy ease of travel to 145 countries, including the European Union Shengen countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. (However, Economic Citizens of Saint Lucia (passport holders) still need a visa to travel to Canada and the United States.)

#3 Equal citizenship and rights

As the holder of a Saint Lucian passport, you will have the same citizenship and rights as native-born Saint Lucians, including the right to pass on citizenship to family members and the right to vote.

#4 No residency requirement

As an applicant, there is no need for residency or travel to Saint Lucia during the application process because there is a quick processing turnaround within 3 months.

#5 Favourable tax environment

Saint Lucia offers a favourable tax environment with no capital gains tax, relatively low income and corporate tax, no taxation on worldwide income (once resident for under 183 days), and no estate or inheritance tax.

In conclusion, having a Saint Lucian passport gives you that extra freedom to choose where to live, work and play while planning your long-term life goals. 

As a full-service advisory agency, McNamara Citizenship Services Inc., provides all the relevant services associated with your acquiring citizenship in Saint Lucia. We are an approved authorized agent under the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme, and we use our intimate knowledge of the Programme to guide you through the process of obtaining your citizenship.

McNamara Citizenship Services Inc. is the largest law firm in Saint Lucia, and we take great pride in our hallmarks of excellence and professionalism. We also keep you informed throughout the entire process -- from the initial application stage to you becoming a Saint Lucian citizen. 

We at McNamara Citizenship Services Inc. have witnessed firsthand the great satisfaction and positive feedback from clients whom we have represented successfully on their path to having dual citizenship in Saint Lucia.

Whether you plan to participate in Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme via either the Government Bond Investment, National Economic Fund Investment, Real Estate Investment, Enterprise Investment, or COVID-19 Bond Relief option, we will assist you in making the process hassle-free and efficiently.

Contact us today at McNamara Citizenship Services and let us help you make it easier to travel, work and play across the globe.

Now’s the best time to get your Saint Lucian passport. Enjoy the endless possibilities of its benefits…

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