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The benefits of having dual citizenship

What’s dual citizenship all about?

A person with dual citizenship is a citizen of two countries at the same time, which has many advantages, including the ability to possess two passports. People with dual citizenship can also live and work freely in both countries, own property in both countries, and travel between the countries with relative ease.

Since its introduction in 2015, Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been gaining momentum globally, thanks to the island’s irresistible appeal, welcoming climate and fertile business environment.  

Known for its high level of political stability, the island also offers its citizens many unbridled freedoms not available elsewhere: a place to live, work and prosper in a generally peaceful environment. It’s no surprise, then, that hundreds of people from across the globe have already bought into Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. 

And so should you.

Becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia

A person can become a citizen of Saint Lucia via the following ways:

BY BIRTH: This category includes (1) persons who are born within Saint Lucia, except if the parent has diplomatic immunity or is a national of a country at war with Saint Lucia; (2) persons who are born abroad to at least one parent who was born in Saint Lucia; and (3) persons born upon aircraft or ships registered in Saint Lucia or unregistered aircraft or ships belonging to the government.

BY REGISTRATION: Nationality by registration includes persons who have familial or historic relationship affiliations with Saint Lucia. It also includes a scheme to acquire nationality through investment, namely the Citizenship by Investment Programme. Persons who acquire nationality by registration include:

  • By affiliation: A person can become a citizen through affiliation if he/she is: (1) the spouse of a national of Saint Lucia; (2) Commonwealth citizens who are ordinary residents of Saint Lucia who have resided in the territory for seven years; (3) minors who were born to a Saint Lucian parent who would have acquired such nationality had their parent not died prior to the country’s Independence on February 22, 1979; (4) minors under age twenty-one who are legally adopted by a Saint Lucian national; and (5) minors, at the discretion of the Minister.
  • By investment: Under Saint Lucia’s much-sought-after Citizenship by Investment Programme, foreign nationals can also become Saint Lucian nationals by participating in the Programme which offers applicants the following options:
  • Government Bond Investment: A minimum investment US$500,000.00 
  • National Economic Fund Investment: A minimum investment of US$100,000.00 
  • Real Estate Investment: A minimum investment of US$300,000.00 
  • Enterprise Investment: A minimum investment of US$3,500,000.00
  • COVID-19 Bond Relief: A minimum investment of US$250,000.00 (Limited time offer) 

Since gaining independence from Great Britain on February 22, 1979, Saint Lucia has recognized dual citizenship for nationals from the Commonwealth and the Republic of Ireland, and British protected citizens. Under Saint Lucia’s Citizenship Act, having dual citizenship is allowed and Saint Lucian citizens do not lose their citizenship status of another country.

Benefits of having dual citizenship in Saint Lucia

  • By becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia, you also become a citizen of the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and 11-member Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) blocs. Amazing, right?
  • Having dual citizenship also allow you visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival to more than 146 countries, including the European Union Shengen countries, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Depending on where you’re from originally, your passport might only allow you to visit a minimal number of countries. A Saint Lucian passport, however, solves that problem by allowing you to go farther across the globe. Now that’s going places!  
  • With your Saint Lucian citizenship, you also acquire similar rights with native-born Saint Lucians, including the right to pass on citizenship to family members and the right to vote!
  • Another great benefit of having dual citizenship is being able to own properties in either country. With a robust real estate market offering myriad of options available on the island, you’re guaranteed to find a piece of paradise that will become your home away from home. There are also many options for starting a business here.

Imagine being a citizen of a country whose history is as deep as the Caribbean Sea and beauty as magnetic as the dominating twin peaks, the Pitons. Your fellow Saint Lucians will make your stay here a welcoming one. As a popular tourist destination, Saint Lucia is known for its great hospitality, which has the island won many global accolades. Named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse (A.D. 283-304), Saint Lucia is the only sovereign nation in the world named after a woman. Imagine that!

Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Saint Lucia has a tropical climate, is hot all year round, with relatively cool, dry season from January to mid-April and a hot, humid and rainy season from mid-June to November.

Saint Lucia is 238 square miles (or 616 square kilometres) in size and is 27 miles (or 43 kilometres) long with a maximum width of 14 miles (or 23 square kilometres). The island is home to nearly 180,000 people. Its capital, Castries, is located in the island’s north and is the main business hub and seat of government.

Now that you have a better idea of how having dual citizenship can make your life easier and more exciting, you’ll definitely need an agency that can handle all the intricate processes towards acquiring your Saint Lucian citizenship. That’s where McNamara Citizenship Services Inc. comes in.

At McNamara Citizenship Services Inc., we offer a full-service advisory agency providing all the relevant services associated with your acquiring citizenship in Saint Lucia. As an approved authorized agent under the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme, we use our intimate knowledge of the Programme to guide you through the process of obtaining your citizenship.

Not only is McNamara Citizenship Services Inc. the largest law firm in Saint Lucia, but we also take great pride in our hallmarks of excellence and professionalism. From the initial application stage to you becoming a Saint Lucian citizen, we keep you informed throughout the process. 

Having witnessed firsthand the immense satisfaction from clients whom we have represented successfully on their path to having dual citizenship in Saint Lucia, McNamara Citizenship Services Inc. can certainly speak to the overall benefits of the Citizenship by Investment Programme offered in Saint Lucia.

Contact McNamara Citizenship Services today and let us help you towards becoming a dual nationality citizen.

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